Organic vs paid. Is it as simple as one or the other?

Organic vs paid. Is it as simple as one or the other?

Organic marketing is great! I mean, it works, and it's an effective tool.

You can develop great relationships and scale up consistently. Tons of consultancies have grown organically and continued to scale past $10k+

So why look elsewhere? Marketing your business can already be confusing enough.


The truth is, it's only one half of the coin. Is there anything more valuable than your time?

Adding new friends,

Joining new groups,

Writing new content,

In organic, you are the sales funnel, the follow up, the ad, the awareness campaign, the results delivery.

You are spending time, the important word being ‘spending’, nothing comes free.. You are personally acting as your own sales full funnel.

PLUS you’re limited to one social media platform. What about the other 80% of the internet full of qualified leads that require half the time to reach? These people could genuinely benefit from what you have to offer and are actively searching for it, but are completely unaware.

So how do you establish a hands free business? How do you grow your consultancy or coaching business in the most effective and efficient way?

  1. Phase 1.

Use organic to establish proof that your offer works and your content is a good fit for your audience. This will help TONS when you branch out to new clients!

  1. Phase 2.

Use sales systems and ads to reach out to new customers, nurture them, build a relationship and commit to a call, ALL hands free and with no limit. Literally limitless.

As your business grows your time becomes more and more valuable, and there isn’t one successful business owner that isn't making use of automation in some form to save time and scale up. @samovens @jordanplatten for example, both making hundreds of thousands per month using these systems.

So you ask yourself the question.. Why tie yourself into one method? Why complicate the matter and choose one or the other? What's most important for your business?

Your answer may be paid ads are expensive and risky, sales funnels are ineffective and ‘agencies’ can’t provide results? Or maybe that’s what you’ve read / heard?

That can all be true... sometimes. If you can’t write an effective piece of content, there's no way you can spend on an ad and feel sure your sales funnel will convert!

In my case and experience, it’s completely the opposite. There are countless course creators and consultants making multiple 6 and 7 figures with both organic posting + professional ad delivery sending traffic to a solid sales funnel and automation process. Saving time and effectively building a wider audience in the long run.

They simply check their calendar every morning for new strategy calls and move on with scaling their business, why? Because their investment is covered by a guarantee, none of their personal time is spent.

If they don’t get sales, they don't pay out a penny or dime. Why should marketing be high risk?

Have a think about how you’d like to save time in your work day, what would you spend it on?

Closing thoughts..

There is no organic vs paid, both work incredibly well when put together and used effectively.