Three winning properties of any successful Facebook ad campaign.

“I’ve tried ads and lost money, I just don’t think they work for me”

So you’ve tried ads, or heard of a bad experience with ads and decided to avoid them completely. That’s fair, why take the risk…

Though is it really a risk?

So how do Facebook ads actually work?

Facebook ads make millions of decisions on what ad to show to what profile every day, and it does this through the use of a.i.

You might be targeting people in “x” city interested in “holistic health” and “aged between 20-30 years old”.

But if you only have 1x ad image with 1x text with 1x audience.

You just won’t reach them all.

Because within that audience, how many of them are active? How many scroll through their home page, how many are active in groups, how much time do they spend on Facebook?

They may all be interested in holistic health for example, but they are all certainly different people.

You don’t know them, but Facebook's a.i. knows their habits.

It tailors every ad to every user how they will be most likely to see it, and how they will be most likely to actually read it.

Think of it like typing out 100 different combinations of your post to your friends all at the same time and figuring out which combinations work best for who, and doing it all in one day.

It’s all about understanding how the algorithm works, and working within its needs to get the best result by offering variety.

I’ve been able to reach audiences at $0.007 per click! By using the algorithm. Check the screenshot below!


The three winning ad properties are.

  1. Variation.

If you have one ad, with one audience, and one text. You are giving the algorithm very little to work with!

  1. Funnel creation.

People need to know and trust you to do business, as we all know! So an effective funnel works magic.

  1. Patience.

Ads need days to mature before you know if they are even working or not.