Sales Funnels

For consultants taking orders via social media and have no clear sales funnel, or idea exactly what stage a customer needs to be at before they buy, and are ultimately leaving money on the table. Sales funnels are an incredibly effective way to grow sales and make sure you are making the most out of your social media and website traffic. 

An effective sales funnel is the difference between a £/$5k per month turnover and a £/$20k per month turnover. No more selling over DM.

So what exactly is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is essentially a systemised path of contact points online to direct potential customers to your offer through social media channels to dedicated sales pages then communication through automated email communication and advertising campaigns, educating and building trust through each stage to increase sales without any hard sell. It increases both sales as well as capacity for more clients at the same time. This same process has been the sole point of success for thousands of online coaches, consultants and digital service providers.


Find out how this can be applied to your business or online consultancy today with a free consultation with a member of our sales funnel team.

  • Know where your customers are coming from, and how to generate more sales with less direct work. 

  • No more selling over DM.

  • Automated email sales process.

  • Sales optimisation.

  • All content provided.

  • Weekly updates and progress meetings.

  • Average increase in sales of 400%

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